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Your Personal Best

We are running enthusiasts who hold the kind of events that we would like to enter. We are passionate about trails - finding them, running them, sharing them, and looking after them.

We are extremely proud of the locations where we hold our races - they feature some of the most amazing trails and scenery that Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds has to offer to give you a unique challenge at each event.

YPB Events present you with some real, raw running - we go off-trail regularly but also use public paths meaning there will naturally be some road crossings, animals, or members of the public to contend with. We mark our courses thoroughly but also as minimally as possible with signs & arrows but no tape. The routes are clear but you need to keep your wits about you!




We are passionate about leaving the areas that we use tidier than we found them (apart from footprints!) and we ask anybody taking part in one of our events to do the same - keep the trails tidy, take home anything that you bring, and to treat the area (including other people using it) with respect.

Our events are for all levels of running - they are friendly & encouraging but also challenging & rewarding. 

We are always looking for people who want to get involved and help at our events. It can be very rewarding and good fun.

Visit our Event page for more info.

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